What is the “Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure” form?

Section 7 of the Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract requires the Seller of a home to provide the Buyer with the following documents: (a) a written Seller property condition disclosure for the Property, completed, signed and dated by Seller as provided in Section 10.3; (b) a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure & Acknowledgement for the Property, completed, signed and

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Are there any exceptions to the types of properties that you cover?

Limited legal benefits are available for the purchase of agricultural property, former agricultural property, including small farms and other similar types of properties: When purchasing agricultural property, or former agricultural property, including small farms, we only cover legal conditions related to the farmhouse (the primary residence). Legal assistance needed for other buildings, structures, installations, including

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Does the attorney-client privilege apply to your company?

All information we receive in connection with our services is treated confidentially based on the rules related to lawyers' duty of confidentiality. Therefore, MWLP will never sell or disclose any of your personal data or information. However, general demographic and statistical data may be shared with our affiliate companies. Additionally, there may be a need

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What if my claim is denied?

If you disagree with a decision to terminate legal services or to not pursue the claim, you may formally demand that the decision be reviewed by the Company's independent appeals board (“Appeals Board”). The appeal request can be sent to: Email: help@mwlp.com SUBJECT LINE: Appeal Request By letter: Mountain West Legal Protective, LLC ATTN: Appeals

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What is a subrogation notice?

Because it is anticipated that your homeowners insurance or other applicable insurance may cover the costs of repairing or restoring your property, any such insurance carrier may be entitled under the law to pursue any third party that caused an insurance loss to their insured. This is done in order to recover the amount of

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Can I choose my own attorney?

The Plan provides you with an attorney in the event you need legal help in accordance with the terms of this agreement. We have the discretion to choose which of our in-house attorneys will help you with your case.  The attorney shall provide to you and us a reasoned assessment of the merits of your

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Do I have to pay any court filing fees?

Once your claim has been investigated and reviewed by the Company for merit, you will be required to pay a Case Filing Fee (“Case Filing Fee”).  These are fees that courts charge to initiate litigation.  The amount of this fee varies depending on the type of case involved and the specific legal remedy being sought,

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