The Plan provides you with an attorney in the event you need legal help in accordance with the terms of this agreement. We have the discretion to choose which of our in-house attorneys will help you with your case. 

The attorney shall provide to you and us a reasoned assessment of the merits of your case and the probability of whether the claim will succeed. If there is not sufficient legal merit or an overriding probability that the claim will succeed, further legal services can be stopped. See also Section 7.2 and Section 5.

If you wish to use an attorney of your choice, rather than having an attorney appointed to you by us,  you may do so at your own cost.  An attorney appointed by you is referred to as an “Outside Attorney.” You must notify us in writing if you wish to appoint an Outside Attorney for yourself.

We are not responsible for any fees, costs, or other expenses as a result of a change of lawyer.