Once your claim has been investigated and reviewed by the Company for merit, you will be required to pay a Case Filing Fee (“Case Filing Fee”).  These are fees that courts charge to initiate litigation.  The amount of this fee varies depending on the type of case involved and the specific legal remedy being sought, but generally ranges between $380.00 and $610.00 (as of early 2021).  We will keep you well informed of what these amounts are and when payment is due. 

When several claims are reported so that they are handled in context (same case number), they are considered one legal dispute; therefore, there is only one Case Filing Fee required. The need for a Case Filing  Fee is triggered when a dispute has arisen which necessitates the Company to proceed with litigation in court. Legal services under the Plan shall be suspended until the Case Filing Fee is paid in full.

A dispute requiring litigation has arisen if there is a disagreement about a claim that cannot be resolved through negotiation, or the other party fails to take a position on a claim within a reasonable time.

In the event of a successful mediation, arbitration, litigation, trial, or another type of court proceeding against the other party,  and you are offered or awarded full legal costs, or full coverage for fees and/or expenses, and we are reimbursed for all of our time, costs, and expenses pursuant to Section 7.5, then you will be reimbursed your Case Filing Fee.