All information we receive in connection with our services is treated confidentially based on the rules related to lawyers’ duty of confidentiality. Therefore, MWLP will never sell or disclose any of your personal data or information. However, general demographic and statistical data may be shared with our affiliate companies. Additionally, there may be a need to communicate some of the information provided by you to the Company and to others, for example, such as expert witnesses or other necessary parties who are hired by the Company to safeguard your interests. By initiating a claim you hereby give your consent for the Company to provide information as mentioned. 

Unless otherwise agreed, we also have the right to disclose your name to a potential or pre-existing client to explain a relationship for the purchase of checking for conflicts of interest. We are not aware of any conflict of interest at this time.  However, it may be necessary to disclose otherwise confidential information to determine if future conflicts arise.  The Company is deeply committed to only disclosing the minimum amount of information required to ascertain the potential existence of a conflict of interest.  We also reserve the right to hire independent counsel at our own cost to analyze any potential conflicts of interest.  You therefore, acknowledge and agree that the analysis of any potential conflicts of interest are protected under Attorney-Client privilege.