The Plan will begin as soon as you agree to the Terms & Conditions that are and you have received your Certificate. At that time, you will have immediate access to the following legal services: 

  • Six (6) years of 24/7 access to our client portal containing a database of questions and answers, forms, and other real estate resources;
  • You will be educated of common legal pitfalls that surround many home purchases;
  • Your closing documents will be organized and preserved to protect you;
  • Free access to chat with attorneys and paralegals regarding your home purchase and closing documents; 
  • You will have the benefit of creating a simple Last Will and Testament for no additional charge;
  • In the event that you run into a legal issue included in the Plan, you can contact MWLP online or by phone, and we will assign an in-house attorney or a contract attorney to investigate the matter further;
  • Subject to the Terms & Conditions, the Plan also includes your reasonable and necessary legal costs, as well as costs for reasonable and necessary documentation, associated with complaints, and legal disputes against the seller and the seller’s liability insurance (home seller insurance) if you have a meritorious legal claim under Utah law. The same applies in the event of a delay on the part of the home seller.

Attorneys fees are covered at an hourly rate corresponding to the current market rate determined by the Company, changeable at any time, and in accordance with the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct related to the calculation of a reasonable fee.