Submitting a claim may trigger legal action on your behalf.  In legal proceedings under the Plan, we shall seek reimbursement of all legal fees (hourly rate attorneys fees “Attorneys Fees”) and costs (filing fees, expert fees, etc.) from the opposing party at no cost to you.  If you would rather that we not seek reimbursement of legal fees, then you agree to pay us our normal and customary rates and fees for the time spent on your case or to allow us to withdraw from legal representation and stop all legal services, notwithstanding any other promise that we have extended to not bill you.  We would much rather seek reimbursement from the other party, but we will always let you choose which direction you wish to pursue.

In the event that reimbursement of legal fees and costs are awarded to you, you agree to allow the Company to receive those fees.

If you, after a judgment or other court decision is available, enter into a settlement agreement that reduces your award of legal fees and costs, or any claims covered by the Company without express written consent from the Company, then the subsequent agreement between you and the other party is not binding on the Company’s rights. You shall, as soon as possible, after the court decision is available, provide the Company with a specified time list and statement of any other legal costs and expenses that you claim are to be covered by the Plan.