If you disagree with a decision to terminate legal services or to not pursue the claim, you may formally demand that the decision be reviewed by the Company’s independent appeals board (“Appeals Board”). The appeal request can be sent to:

Email: help@mwlp.com

SUBJECT LINE: Appeal Request

By letter:

Mountain West Legal Protective, LLC
ATTN: Appeals Board
320 W 500 S Suite 200
Bountiful, UT 84010

The Appeals Board consists of three people, of which at least one member must have a background from a consumer organization or from a public enterprise that works with consumer cases, at least one member must have legal competence, and at least one representative shall be a member of the Company. Board proceedings take place at no cost to you.

The Appeals Board decides whether the proceedings shall continue at the Company’s expense or be terminated. You shall be informed of the outcome of the Appeal Board’s decision within 30 days. The chairman of the committee has the opportunity to summarily reject any appeal requests that have as their basis, any underlying claim(s) that objectively will not lead to a successful resolution. 

If, after consideration by the tribunal, you choose to pursue the case on your own and at your own expense, you shall be entitled to a refund of the Plan you purchased from us.