Section 7 of the Utah Real Estate Purchase Contract requires the Seller of a home to provide the Buyer with the following documents:

(a) a written Seller property condition disclosure for the Property, completed, signed and dated by Seller as provided in Section 10.3;
(b) a Lead-Based Paint Disclosure & Acknowledgement for the Property, completed, signed and dated by Seller (only if the Property was built prior to 1978);
(c) a Commitment for Title Insurance as referenced in Section 6.1;
(d) a copy of any restrictive covenants (CC&R’s), rules and regulations affecting the Property;
(e) a copy of the most recent minutes, budget and financial statement for the homeowners’ association, if any;
(f) a copy of any long-term tenant lease or rental agreements affecting the Property not expiring prior to Closing;
(g) a copy of any short-term rental booking schedule (as of the Seller Disclosure Deadline) for guest use of the Property after Closing;
(h) a copy of any existing property management agreements affecting the Property;
(i) evidence of any water rights and/or water shares referenced in Section 1.4;
(j) written notice of any claims and/or conditions known to Seller relating to environmental problems and building or zoning code violations;
(k) In general, the sale or other disposition of a U.S. real property interest by a foreign person is subject to income tax withholding under the Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act of 1980 (FIRPTA). A “foreign person” includes a non-resident alien individual, foreign corporation, partnership, trust or estate. If FIRPTA applies to Seller, Seller is advised that Buyer or other qualified substitute may be legally required to withhold this tax at Closing. In order to avoid closing delays, if Seller is a foreign person under FIRPTA, Seller shall advise Buyer in writing; and
(l) Other (specify)


We have several blog articles written about why the Seller Property Condition Disclosure is so important and why it is one of the most important disclosures in the home buying process.