The Plan terminates if you enter into an agreement for resale or other transfer to a third party. Legal claims that are based on circumstances that became known to you after entering into a resale agreement with a third party are therefore not covered. 

There may be instances when your legal benefits under the Plan may be terminated by the Company. Unless specifically stated herein, termination of legal benefits shall not include a refund to the Plan holder.  Situations in which legal benefits may terminate include the following: 

  • A conflict of interest has arisen between your interests and the Company’s.  See, Terms & Conditions.
  • A Plan holder makes a material misrepresentation of fact and/or attempts to deceive the Company regarding material facts and circumstances related to a claim. 
  • A Plan holder fails to pay the case filing fee as defined under Section 6. 
  • A Plan holder demands or insists that the Company bring a case that lacks sufficient legal merit which violates the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct for attorneys.