Purchase HLP Plan

Homebuyer Legal Protection is available to a homebuyer who has purchased or plans to purchase a single-family home, duplex, triplex, four-unit residential property, or an undeveloped residential building lot located within the state of Utah.

The best part is—even if you’re not buying a home today—you can sign up for HLP and ensure that your six years of legal protection and the $1,000.00 fee are applied at closing to keep things simple.

Once you’ve closed, we will issue you a Homebuyer Protection Plan Certificate which will initialize your legal benefits for a period of six (6) years from the certificate’s issue date.

We offer our Homebuyer Legal Protection plans for a one-time flat rate fee with six years of powerful legal protection.

Homebuyer Legal
Protection Coverage

Homebuyer Legal Protection was created to protect homebuyers against seller disclosure fraud. Your purchased plan provides coverage in one or more of the following common events.

• Fraud in the Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure

• Fraud related to the Real Estate Purchase Contract

• Bad Faith compliance with the Real Estate Purchase Contract

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of Homebuyer Legal Protection.