Our Home Buyer Legal Protection Plan (“Plan”) has been created to protect buyers of residential homes against Seller Disclosure Fraud. The Plan provides coverage in one or more of the following common events:

  1. Fraud in the Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure
  2. Fraud related to the Real Estate Purchase Contract
  3. Bad Faith compliance with the Real Estate Purchase Contract

“But what about that toilet that always backed up and at one time spewed sewage into the bathtub?”

Buying a home is said to be the biggest purchase of someone’s life. Buying a home has also been proven to be the best way for middle Americans to build their personal and families’ net worth. Many home buyers rely on real estate agents or brokers to assist them in purchasing a home, but they also heavily rely on a seller to be honest and fair about disclosing any past or present problems with the home.

Seller’s Property Condition Disclosure

However, Sellers sometimes feel that the pressure to sell the home outweighs the seller’s willingness to disclose things that they knew were wrong with the home. Sellers might even assume that they aren’t required to disclose certain things since it’s the buyer’s responsibility to uncover any issues (e.g. the buyer’s due diligence responsibilities). And to some extent that is true. But what about that toilet that always backed up and at one time spewed sewage into the bathtub? Did the seller “forget” to disclose that? Or did the seller “forget” to mention the basement that routinely floods with water, but was given some new sheetrock and a fresh coat of paint just before the home went on the market?

Fast forward to the day Rachel, a first-time homebuyer, moves into the home. She is excited about her new home and one day – while Rachel is brushing her teeth in the basement bathroom that the sellers marketed as “newly remodeled” – she suddenly smells something awful. She looks over at the bathtub, and a blackish-brown semi-liquid is flowing up through the drain. Before she knows it, the sewage has breached the top of the bathtub and is now flowing across the bathroom floor.

This situation is not unique

After the panic subsides, and the disaster cleanup crew finishes cleaning up the sewage, the homeowner is wondering how this happened? After all, Rachel’s only lived there for 7 days. So, she hires a plumber who runs a scoped camera through the bathroom drain. The plumber reports back that there is a major issue with the plumbing lines running from the home to the street. He tells her that the lines are “bowed” and the only solution is to tear up the front yard and replace it. The bill: $21,683. Rachel and her spouse are devastated. They cannot afford to pay for this.

Rachel is not unique. Because many people are already struggling with large repair bills for contractor fees and damaged personal property that needs to be replaced, they simply do not have the financial resources to retainer an attorney to pursue justice. People do not typically need legal help unless they are already in some sort of crisis. As one of our attorneys likes to say, “no one ever calls me when they are having a good day!”

Our goal is to provide fast, efficient legal services the moment you need them without having you worry about the huge legal bill that would normally follow.