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Mountain West Lethal Precision specializes in providing Utah organizations with top-tier 9mm and 5.56 rounds that are manufactured locally, providing direct and cost-effective solutions. Leveraging deep expertise and advanced technology, we deliver premium ammunition that meets the specific needs of law enforcement and government agencies, reinforcing community safety and support. MWLP is launching Spring/Summer 2024.

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Are You a Utah Organization Using 9mm and 5.56 ammunition?

We know many Utah-based organizations struggle with ammunition challenges that distant suppliers can’t adequately address. We’re here to show how local sourcing can be your strategic advantage.

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Top Tier Ammo Solutions for Utah’s Needs

We’re here to provide Utah’s best organizations with the best, precision manufactured, 9mm and 5.56 rounds.

MWLP provides the solutions

Specialized Ammo Services Designed for Utah in Utah.

Discover the services that make our ammunition ideal for your needs.

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We specialize in 9mm and 556 rounds, focusing on quality and cost-effectiveness.
Contact our sales team to discuss bulk pricing options and benefits.
We deliver across Utah, ensuring timely and reliable supply.
Our products undergo rigorous testing to meet the highest standards of reliability and performance.

We’re Gearing Up To Help You With Your Ammunition Needs.

Launching Spring/Summer 2024. Contact us for inquiries or more information